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Where's the Ampkeyer?

When Ten Tec merged with RKR, they decided they would no longer supply cases for little guys like me.

So, after my supply of Ampkeyer cases were consumed, there are no more.

I have plenty of pcbs, but no cases to put them in.

That being said, if you want one of the assembled and tested Ampkeyer pcbs, follow this link.

Since I can't get the old cases made at a price point that me and you can afford, it's time to redesign the Ampkeyer.

For a link to some photos and features of the new unit click here.

New stuff

I've been working on some simple easy to build projects.

The solder fumes have been blowing around the workbench. There are lots of new things I've been working on.

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A few of the most popular kits

Drake AC4 power supply upgrade

With several thousand sold, this is the original upgrade to the Drake AC4 high voltage power supply.

Go to the Drake AC4R page

Drake L4/L7 high voltage power supply upgrade

Comes complete with all the parts needed to replace the two aging capacitor boards in the original Drake supply.

Go to the Drake L4 page

The Micro M+ Charge controller

It's back and best of all at the same price.

This miniature solar charge controller will handle up to three amps and produces NO RFI. Great for portable operation. Add a solar panel, a battery, and you're QRV.

Go to Micro M+ page

Heathkit HP23RL

Replace all those old leaky capacitors with new state-of-the art electrolytic capacitors. Comes with new diodes, resistors, and of course a double sided pcb that mounts on top of the HP23. No holes to drill. Amazing performance once again for your HW or SB series transceivers

Go to the HP23RL page

Shipping costs increase. With USPS as well as other carriers, the cost of shipping has gone up. I've kept it as low for as long as possible, however the latest increase hurt.
The basic USPS priority mail cost will now be a minimum of $7 for all orders. Smaller pcbs and connectors will ship at first class rates.

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