Here are some of the new products I'm working on.

Expanded DC Voltmeter

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This first one up is a expanded DC voltmeter. This meter will display a standard 12 V dc power supply or battery from the range of 10 V dc to 15 V dc.

While shown with a meter,
the meter will NOT be included in the kit. It's a standard 85C1 meter from eBay.

The kit will include the pcb and all pcb mounted parts as well as a printed meter face for you to install. It's not hard and takes about a half an hour.

The price will be $18 for the kit.

Assembled pcb
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New Micro P solar charge controller

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This is the New Micro P solar charge controller. It will control 15 amps and produces NO RFI doing so.

The heatsink shown will not be included. I had a few of these laying around and mounted the this pcb to it.

The Micro P has terminals to connect the battery and solar panel.

There is also a low voltage warning system for the battery.

Price about $45 in kit form.

I have a limited number of prototype pcbs available for $12 plus shipping. These are for an advanced builder. You'll get a schematic and pcb overlay only. No manual.

Heathkit SB-200 Power Supply Upgrade

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After many requests for a power supply upgrade for the Heathkit SB-200, one has been designed and is going though testing. Like all the other upgrades, only the best pcbs and parts are used.


About $125 in kit form.

I have only a handful of prototype pcbs. There are two errors. One is a missing connection. The red jumper is shown connecting the two halves of the voltage doubler. The other mistake is a missing pcb pad. The black wire is shown making that connection. The PCBs work, and will fit inside the SB-200 like a glove.

There are no instructions, only a schematic and part overlay.

Again, these are prototypes and are sold at a reduced price. Only four are left at this time.
Prototype only PCB

Remote four position antenna switch

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This four position antenna switch uses two high current relays in series to provide outstanding isolation between ports.

Price TBD