Heathkit HP-23 RL power supply replacement pcb
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The kit is not hard to assemble, but installing it into the old chassis can be daunting! Like the Drake AC4R, this is NOT a project for those that don't know what end of the soldering iron gets hot. There are dangerous voltages inside these supply, with this HP23RL plate voltage output at nearly a thousand volts.

The kit comes with the pcb and all pcb mounted parts. Mounting hardware is included.

You can order just the PCB, the PCB complete with all parts and printed manual or you can order the pcb assembled, too. You will of course need a HP23 to start the conversion process.


Complete kit of all parts is $65.00
PCB only is $20
Assembly of the pcb is $15 additional to the price of the kit

Shipping is $8 and will be added at check out
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