Denton Clipperton L power supply upgrade

The voltages used in the project will kill you if you touch the wrong part at the wrong time. This is NOT a project for someone that is not use to this high voltage of nearly 3000 V dc.

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The Dentron Clipperton L power supply upgrade will simply amaze you. To begin with, the pcb is double sided with plated through holes. The board is almost twice as thick as some of the other upgrades used for this amplifier. My pcb is .093" thick!

The use of flameproof resistors and 3 amp 1000 vpiv diodes is standard.

The meter shunt for current is rated at five watts. Even the low voltage control circuit has better ratings than the original.

The meter voltage divider is now mounted on the pcb and off from the interior of the amp.

While this kit comes with instructions, they are purposely on the thin side. YOU MUST know what you're doing to install this upgrade.


There are voltages that will have no mercy on you. If you touch it, it will KILL you.

The kit comes with the pcb, and all parts.

Price is $125 for the kit and if you want the PCB assembled and tested, that is $25 extra

A bare PCB is $35.

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