Drake TR7 power supply control card

Upgrade that old burnt out control card

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These pcb are hand assembled and tested, then burned in for 48 hours. There will be a delay between ordering and shipping of this product.

The new Drake TR7 power supply card is $85 fully assembled and tested.

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What's different?

This is a brand new replacement for the power supply/control board. It is a drop in replacement. All the voltages have been preset. The +10 V has been set as well as current tested at 1 A.  New 2N5986 pass transistor is used as well as new LM7805 regulator. Even the plug-in MOLEX connector is new. The wattage of some resistors have been increased from 1/2 W to 1 W. This board supplies the following voltages:

+10.00  (adjustable)
+5.00    (fixed)
-5.00     (fixed)
+24.00  (fixed)
Five adjustable voltages for the oscillators.

The oscillator adjustments are provided by 25 turn trimmers.

Gone is the power hungry oscillator and in its place a solid state boost converter. The negative voltage is provided by a MAX 1044. The high current +10 supply is based on the original Drake supply. The ICs on the main board are in sockets, so if repair down the road is required, you can simply take out the defective IC and replace with new. This board produces NO RFI that the TR-7 can hear.

The PCB is double sided with plated through holes and is top quality. 

Installation is simply
 plug in the board and mount the two transistors to the chassis where the old ones were. And while the trimmers have been preset, You will need to make minor adjustments to the trimmers for USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, and AM as each transceiver has slightly different (The filters are old and drift) filter profiles.  This information can be found in the Drake TR7 service manual as well as various websites.