Drake 2A calibrator

Calibrator for Drake 2A, 2B, and 2C receivers.


When the radio is turned on, a LED on the pcb will glow. The front panel switch on the Drake radios will turn the calibrator on just like the factoy calibrator. When the calibrator is on, a second LED will glow. This LED is located between the 6-pin IC and the crystal.

Out of the box, the output is set for 100 kHz markers. To change markers, turn off the radio, and move the jumper on the pcb. You may select 100, 50, or 25 kHz markers

When the calibrator switch is turned on, there will be approximately 160 V dc on the calibrator pcb. This voltage will be centered around the two large axial resistors on the end of the pcb. Don't touch the pcb when the calibrator switch is turned on to avoid an electrical shock.

Due to the nature of the calibrator signal, it is normal to experience some receiver intermodulation and spurious response when the calibrator is enabled.

The calibrator comes fully assemble and tested at only $35 each!

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The newest version uses a laser trimmer oscillator. The functions are the same.

Just plug it in!

Each one of these calibrators has been checked for proper operation and the crystal has been netted to frequency. These are hand assembled so if the SMD are a bit crooked, that's as good as my 64 year old hands and eyes can do.