The RCS-4 is a remote control switch for the Drake TR-4 series. It will switch up to 5 remote antennas. Decades have passed and 90% of those remote RF switches went into the trash when the tower came down.

This is a PCB that will allow the RCS-4 to live on. It converts the 25 V ac used to drive a small motor in the RF remote switch to 12 V dc. This will drive most of the popular remote RF switches on the market, including the ones from DX Engineering.

The control board fits inside the RCS-4 and will current limit at 100 mA. If there is a fault, i.e. a broken wire or faulty relay (s) the front panel indicator will go dark

No holes are drilled in the RCS-4 and if you'd like to revert it back to factory, it's easy enough to do. Only a few wires are moved during the conversion.

The price includes one PCB.

This is for an advanced builder. One SMD is used, and it's rather large by SMD standards.

Documentation is thin, with part list, PCB overlays and schematic.

Price is $10 for one PCB.

Shipping is $3.00

Shipping will be added at time of check out.
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