Here are some photos of the Heathkit shop. Of course, it lives in my shack/shop. Some of the photos show projects that died due to lack of interest from customers, other because they simply became too expensive to sell. And of course, there's some out and out failures, too!



Enjoy the photos. 73 Mike WB8VGE
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Top photo is a rare Drake TR270 two meter transceiver with an odd 450 mhz receiver thrown in. The bottom shows a prototype of a clock for the Drake speaker that matches the TR-7.
Top photo is some of the overflow of projects. The bottom is the newest version of the Drake 2A, B and C calibrator.
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An audio output board for the R4C. Not enough interest to warrant proceeding with the project.

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The TR-7 oscillator/power supply being tested. The original pcb is shown below it.
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