There's something about having both the Drake and Heathkits together. This is my Drake "B" twins and the SB-104 station.

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The Drake AC4R

If your old Drake AC4 (AC3) needs to have some new life, you've found the right place.

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Drake L4/L4 amplifier power supply upgrade

Replace all those old capacitors with 105 deg caps and all new diodes. This design used equalization resistors across the 3 amp 1000 V diodes.

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Drake R4B calibrator

This small pcb fits inside the Drake R4B and replaces the original calibrator board. You have your choice of either 100, 50, or 25 KHz markers. Best of all, you can have those markers pulse so you can find it on a busy band.
Drake fan controller

Although not just for the Drake radios, this simple fan control circuit will help keep the heat from cooking these old rigs.

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Drake L7 Hard Key Interface

This is very much like the hard key for the SB-200. This is custom made for the Drake L7.

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