The R L Drake build several high power RF amplifiers that used the popular 500Z tubes. This table top unit could easily produce 1500 watts. The power supply is a heavy brute that sits on the floor. And it also has a reputation of running gosh awful hot. That heat simply cooks the snot out of the capacitors. This upgrade replaces all the high voltage electrolytic capacitors with 105 deg units. New 3 amp 1000 volt diodes are used that are individually bridged with a equalizing resistors. Flame proof resistors are used for the bleeder/equalization of the filter capacitors.

  • The upgrade kit comes in three version.
  • Kit with all parts
  • PCB only
  • Fully assembled and tested pcb, ready to install in your power supply

I must stress that this project uses voltages that are instantly lethal. There are no second chances, no redos. THIS IS NOT A PROJECT FOR A BEGINNER!

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The pcb is .100 thick! That's almost twice the thickness of the other kits on the market.

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105 deg electrolytic capacitors are used. Notice the super wide traces between the capacitors. You won't pop a trace with this upgrade!

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