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Hola! Welcome to the Heathkit Shop! I’ve been collecting and using the old Heathkit stuff for a very long time. Perhaps my blood flows a bit green. I’ve put together some small projects and upgrades for some of the old Heathkit radios. There’s even some stuff for the Drake collector as well. I am Mike, WB8VGE, and currently hold an extra class ticket. I’ve been hamming since 1975 and most of that time I’ve been running QRP. I’ve put this site together to keep the green flame burning so to speak. I hope you enjoy the work I have done. Feel free to drop me a note. So stick around and see what’s going on. I’ll be adding stuff all the time. 73 Mike, WB8VGE BTW.... I don't have Heathkit manuals or Heathkit parts.