Denton was known for making antenna couplers as well as RF amplifiers.

Their day in the sun came and went, yet there are thousands of these amps still on the air. Two of the most popular were the Dentron Clipperton L and the Dentron GLA 1000B.

Totally different, yet the same. The 1000 used a quad of sweep tubes to produce about a 1000 watts INPUT while the Clipperton L uses four 572B tubes.

Since both of these amplifier are long in the tooth, their power supplies have worn out. Specifically, the high voltage capacitors.

I offer two solutions.

  • A fully assembled pcb for the GLA1000
  • A kit for the Clipperton L

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This supply upgrade is not hard to install, but can be a challenge. Take plenty of photos, notes and drawings.

The relay shown in the photo below is not factory. It's a modification to change the operating bias on the tubes in standby condition. This allows for the tubes to run cooler and thus have a longer life.

The Dentron GLA amplifiers are just as popular now as they were in the late 70's. They run four sweep tubes and can produce about 1200 PEP input on sideband. On CW, you can see about 400ish watts, depending on the band and the quality of the sweep tubes.

Although the tubes are expensive, if properly tuned, they will last a long time.

The power supply, however, maybe the weak link. Nothing fancy, the original power supply is now over 30 years old. The capacitors have dried out, the other parts may have been stressed beyond a useful life.

This upgrade has it all. New double sided pcb with all new components. The diodes are over rated, 3 amps at 1000 vdc, and the capacitors have twice the amount of capacitance as the original ones.

The meter shunt is now 5 watts instead of the factory 1 watt unit.

I've placed glitch diodes to prevent meter damage.

The resistors are all flameproof and most are three watt units. Even the low voltage control circuit has improved components.

The upgrade comes assembled.

The instructions are thin, on purpose, as a novice shouldn't be inside this amplifier without proper knowledge. The voltages inside will kill.

This upgrade is for the GLA1000 B but should work in the "A" version as well. I have received a note or two that the voltage divider may not be the same in some of the "A" versions.

The price is $59 plus $8 shipping

Again, this power supply upgrade is fully assembled. Allow extra time for shipment.
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I have a VERY limited soft key interfaces for the GLA1000

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